360 Campaign

Prevnar 13


Art Direction


UI Design


Graphic Design



A Healthy Ally

Market research allowed us to understand that our target audience doesn't like to be told what to do. We took this insight and adopted a lighter, less didactic tone. The ultimate goal for the brand is to become a healthy ally for consumers aged 50 and over and protect them from the risks of contracting pneumococcal pneumonia through vaccination.

_____ MOOD



Bigger & Better

This 360 campaign used vibrant brand colours to attract attention and create a positive vibe. The website kept the one-pager format from the previous campaign, but the content and user experience were optimized for the user. Sections were merged together to create a more coherent navigation which was in turn simplified to provide the user with a more direct access to information. Finally, because the target audience tends to be older, the site's type size was increased for better legibility.


300% increase in website traffic vs last year's campaign

Average time on site went up from 2.68 minutes to 3.70 minutes

Yearly sales target was reached within 2 months after the launch of the campaign




She Did It

The print pieces include a brochure featured in pharmacies, posters displayed in clinics and hospitals, as well as a billboard. ­The print focused on the protagonist of the campaign in order to highlight the "She did it" bandage.