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Prevnar Infant


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All 3 Doses

The Prevnar infant vaccine is designed to protect little ones from Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (IPD). IPD is a serious infection caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae that can impact the lungs, ears, sinuses, bloodstream and brain. Through digital tools and printed pieces, we created an easy and effective way to remind busy parents to get all 3 vaccine doses for their infant.

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Digital Reminder

The vaccine series includes 3 doses. Research revealed that parents often neglected the last dose. That's why we designed a friendly kit that would be handed to parents when their child received their first dose. The kit contained information and tools, all with the goal of reminding them to get the remaining 2 doses. Keeping in mind that many parents now use their smartphone as their organizer, we added a digital reminder available through the website which also includes a visible button parents can click to sign up for email reminders for subsequent doses.


Kit elements

Practical Tools

The kit was designed to fit in a medium-sized bag, making it convenient and easy to carry anywhere. The kit itself contains a variety of components that fit snugly inside. The components include an information brochure, 3 fact cards (1 for each dose), stickers to keep track of the doses and a fridge magnet reminder. The information brochure contains all the practical and important information about the vaccine. The fact cards serve two purposes: one side displays baby facts related to the age in months the dose should be administered while the other side can be used in a baby photo to show their age. Moreover, there are stickers for 2, 4 and 12 months that the parent can stick to the kit after each dose is administered. Finally, the fridge magnet is another reminder that's easy to use and highly visible on a daily basis.