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International Challenge

Neurodiem is an online platform specifically designed to help neurologists keep up with the latest news in their field. The platform is available around the world and on multiple devices. The head office of Neurodiem is located in France, which is where most of the in-house creative is developed and then deployed to other markets around the world. The brand's biggest challenge was to make sure all the branding elements being deployed throughout international markets were correctly applied.




Because Neurodiem is a relatively young company, its branding elements had yet to be well defined. Our mandate was therefore to create an easy-to-understand overarching brand guideline to help offices in other countries create assets that are fully harmonized with the Neurodiem branding. The brand book now serves as the foundation when offices in other countries want to adapt and create content in their own language.

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Science & Simplicity

The Neurodiem brand revolves around science, simplicity and convenience. To reflect these principles, the design is simple and mostly light in colour in order to make the information easily digestible. We also created a new set of imagery using the brand colours to represent the product and forge a stronger connection between consumer and brand. This resulted in a more unified and cohesive look. Moreover, a new set of icons was developed to represent the various services offered by Neurodiem. We also developed a set of guidelines for any future icons. Finally, a flexible grid system was used to present the brand guidelines.