Marshall Copywriting


Art Direction


Graphic Design



The Essence

Marshall Copywriting offers copywriting, translation, and copy editing services, always focusing on what matters the most to tell the best story. Their work has appeared in Canada, the United States and Europe.



Birth of Ideas

The concept behind the design is based on how finding the perfect copy is about writing and rewriting. The repetition of the lines is inspired from classic lined paper where ideas are born, tweaked and perfected. Marshall Copywriting always comes up with ideas that stand out from the crowd by telling a great story.

_____ MOOD



Versatile Character

The comma/apostrophe/closing quotation shape is a versatile typographic character that is always present in copy. This special punctuation mark is used throughout texts, with a change in the baseline position, making it the best symbol to represent copywriting. Nestled within the shape is the M from Marshall, along with repeated M lines that create a modern pattern that works well whether it be scaled big or small.