360 Campaign

Cirque du Soleil Kooza


Art Direction


Graphic Design



Reviving Kooza's Magic

Kooza premiered in Montreal in 2007. Since then, the creative has not been changed, necessitating a long-overdue modernization of the campaign. The goal of the new campaign is to incorporate more storytelling elements to enhance the understanding of the show's essence, while showcasing awe-inspiring acts.



A Box of Wonders

Introducing Kooza, an enchanting tale that follows the journey of a young and innocent clown in search of his rightful place in the world. As fate would have it, during a kite-flying escapade, he stumbles upon a mysterious box brimming with delightful surprises. Thus, embarking on a thrilling adventure of self-discovery and unearthing hidden truths along the way.

_____ MOOD


The name Kooza is inspired by the Sanskrit word which means "box", "chest" or "treasure". It was chosen because the underlying concept of the production was the idea of a "circus in a box". As a result, our captivating campaign revolves around a mystical box, enchanting audiences with its astonishing revelations. At the heart of the narrative lies the Trickster, a pivotal character, guiding our innocent clown through a captivating journey encompassing both light and shadow within the exhilarating realm of the circus.



Print & Digital

The new campaign showcases four captivating visuals designed to seamlessly adapt to both horizontal and vertical formats. A plethora of out-of-home and digital assets have been meticulously crafted to effectively promote the show and engage audiences.


Creative Direction: Patrice Boudreault
Project Manager: Pauline Mohorcic
Retouching: Marc Denault
3D artist: Stijn Orlans
Graphic Artist: Daniel Proulx
Forced perspective animation: Bell Media