Experiential Design

Cirque du Soleil ECHO - VIP Lounge


Art Direction


Graphic Design



A Memorable Experience

At every Cirque du Soleil show, a food and beverage counter is accessible to all guests. However, through an exclusive collaboration with Mastercard, a beautiful private space awaits VIP guests. This lounge area is available before and after the show, as well as during intermission. The experience features prime seating, a dedicated open bar, delightful amuse-bouche, private restrooms, a bespoke swag bag, and an exceptional photo opportunity with the talented artists before the show begins. Reserved exclusively for premium guests, this distinctive space aims to curate an unforgettable experience.

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Laying Down the Red Carpet

Meticulously chosen campaign visuals adorn the walls of the VIP lounge, immersing the guests in the show's ambiance. While distinct from the food and beverage area, a harmonious branding approach unifies both spaces. The food and beverage section showcases a tasteful combination of red accents against crinkled white paper, while the VIP section takes the visual experience to new heights by retaining the red and white hues while incorporating vibrant particles for an added touch of sophistication. Amongst the diverse palette of colors used throughout the campaign, the decision to incorporate red and gold within the VIP lounge was to evoke the allure of a red carpet experience, thereby enhancing the overall elegance of the space.


The VIP guests have 2 spaces to discover before entering the show. The first area, set within a captivating circular space, centers around a stylish bar. Here, the visuals adorning the bar exude an air of elegance, featuring a sleek and minimalist white design that seamlessly integrates with the bar's overall aesthetic. While there are ample surrounding walls to dress up, the aim is to strike a delicate balance, incorporating elements inspired by the show's campaign without overpowering the senses. Additionally, three strategically placed photo op areas have been meticulously crafted, providing guests with the perfect opportunity to capture themselves amidst the campaign visuals. Venturing further, a second smaller and cozy area is hosted in a rectangular glass space, nestled within an equally inviting bar. A large bright mural complements the simple space with fun cushions. Lastly, signage and TV screens all over the site were strategically and meticulously designed to guide and inform the guests.


Creative Direction: Patrice Boudreault
Project Manager: Pauline Mohorcic
Graphic Artist: Alex Raima