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Cirque du Soleil Black Friday


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Unveiling Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest and most important seasonal campaigns at Cirque du Soleil. Many people set aside a significant budget for black Friday purchases, which is an opportune moment to make our offer irresistible. One of the biggest challenges for the campaign is to show acrobatics, but without any bias towards a specific show. Given the multitude of productions, the idea is to represent Cirque shows in general.



The Cirque Glow

Black Friday occurs during the autumn season in most markets, a period characterized by darkness and cooler temperatures. The concept was to create a visual that would bring illumination and warmth to this otherwise somber season. Moreover, it's a play on how the viewer's faces light up as they indulge in the captivating world of Cirque du Soleil. Thus, "Light up your Black Friday" emerges as a vibrant campaign, seamlessly blending rich colors with the inherent sophistication of Cirque. By featuring an acrobat subtly outlined against a tapestry of colorful light, the elegance is maintained without drawing focus to any specific show.

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% Increase in revenue


% Increase in ticket sales

Creative Direction: Patrice Boudreault
Project Manager: Pauline Mohorcic
Designers: Marie-Pier Gauthier, Jérôme Harisson-Gauvin, Sébastien Duval