Brasserie Boswell


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UI/UX Design


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Brasserie Boswell is a craft beer brewery and gourmet pub with a team that shares their passion for original and well crafted beers in Montreal. They've designed their menu to pair their beers with delicious dishes made with local ingredients. Brasserie Boswell also promotes local visual artists and they are very involved in the community.




With a fair share of competitors in the area, it was crucial that their branding stand out from the crowd. Brasserie Boswell's strength lies on their ability to pair their craft beer with the fresh food they offer. This duality is at the core of their branding.

_____ MOOD



Laid-Back yet Stylish

The atmosphere is industrial and modern but shies away from the pretentious. The branding reflects this, representing a combination of good beers and fresh food. The colours used are timeless, with a gold accent that serves as a nod to their craft beer. As for the imagery, it relies on beautiful photos and simple illustrations — all to convey the authenticity of the environment and offering.

Research revealed that the top 3 things users want to know before visiting a gastro-pub are the location, the beer selection and the food menu. We built the website with these insights in mind.

Furthermore, clients now prefer to make reservations online instead of by phone. This is why the contact form was an important element of the new site.

Finally, social media continues to be an important channel used to promote brands. That's why the relevant icons are visible and easy to access. We also added an Instagram feed to the website, to grab users' attention while ensuring the website always displays the most updated content.

The website now features a contact form anyone can use to make reservations.

This has led to an increase of about a dozen reservations per week.