Boswell Beers


Art Direction


Graphic Design




Canning beers is an excellent way to promote a brewery while enticing clients to try different products. Canning is also an opportunity to increase a brand's visibility. The cans are on sale at Boswell Brasserie and in select grocery and convenience stores.



A Plethora of Choices

There are so many types of beers on grocery store shelves. But what do they taste like and how to pick one among a plethora of options? While researching beer labels, many of them seemed overly busy. The labels had elaborate imagery and it was difficult to know what the beer would taste like. To cut through the clutter, the Boswell cans were designed to be clean and genuine.




The simple packaging on Boswell Brasserie's products were designed to convey the type of beer while showcasing the essence and flavour profile of the beer. This helps the consumer pick the product that suits their taste. We also integrated a clean grid to present key information about the product.


The cans are part of a line of products that will continue to grow. To this end, the beers that will be aged in wood barrels will be packaged in a glass bottle. The packaging design is inspired by the linocut printing technique while the textured style adds a certain visual complexity — reminiscent of the more refined beer that is aged in barrels.