Identity & Packaging

Atelier Bergeville


Art Direction


Graphic Design



Highlighting Authenticity

Domaine Bergeville has been creating quality sparkling wine for over a decade in North Hatley, Quebec. Their products are made with processes that highlight their authenticity, with great respect for the environment and the soil. Atelier Bergeville is a more experimental line they created for less traditional products. A modern logo emphasizing the "B" serves as a connecting thread within the brand's multifaceted identity.



Natural Environment

Atelier Bergeville's philosophy is to focus on nature and remain true to raw materials. The environment and quality of their vines play a central role in their production methods. Based in Quebec, Atelier Bergeville has made it its mission to produce hand-crafted, authentic products. This is what inspired the peaceful landscapes of the design. It is all about creating a connection to nature, illustrating a gateway to help the consumer imagine themselves in a beautiful Quebec setting, drinking an Atelier Bergeville product.

_____ MOOD



Casual & Fun

Colfo is a natural sparkling wine, similar to a cider. It is not filtered and the final fermentation takes place in the can itself, which can result in sediments at the bottom. It's a refreshing and light drink that can be enjoyed at the lake, at a festival or on a patio.

The red colour of the chairs is intended to serve as a link throughout the Atelier Bergeville line of products. It is an element that is passionate, fun and memorable. The Adirondack chairs are familiar, stylish and express relaxation. The visual represents the perfect setting to open a can of Colfo, or at the very least it helps the consumer daydream about this possibility.

_____ MOOD

Canevas is a champagne style sparkling wine with fine bubbles. It is crafted using a more traditional method. The landscape transports us to a typical vineyard, to reflect the more traditional side of this wine. The red bicycle is reminiscent of the wine tours that can be done by biking from one vineyard to the next. It conveys a casual yet fun atmosphere.